A different world

Dwayne was not arrested because the police officers were called back to the station for emergency detail. While trying to get directions, Dwayne ran into a group of young people looting their neighborhood grocery store. The shopkeeper pleaded that he disagreed with the verdicts, and Dwayne and another man tried to calm the rioters. A man ignored them and smashed the windows, while others stole Dwayne's car.

A different world

Add your rating See all 1 kid review. The series, which is set at Hillman College -- a fictitious, historically black school in the South -- originally focused on the experiences of student Denise Huxtable former Cosby kid Lisa Bonet and her friends.

But Denise and Bonet left the show after the first season, and the cast underwent some changes under new producer-director Debbie Allen, who drew on her own experiences as a student at Howard University to set the tone for social life on an African-American campus.

Gaines Lou Myerswho doubled as the students' confidante and gave the show southern spice.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? A Different World succeeds thanks to great casting, rich characters, and the interactions of the classmates' unique personalities; all hail from backgrounds as diverse as the list of their hometowns.

A different world

In particular, Whitley and Dwayne's intense love-hate relationship offers lots of laughs as the two alternate between passion and antagonism. Teens will enjoy getting a glimpse of the social workings of college life, and, despite the show's age, its celebration of strong African-American people and culture still has the potential to be eye-opening.

A Different World also shows a commendable willingness to take on tough subjects like politics, AIDS, and racial discrimination, although -- falling into the sitcom trap -- even the biggest problems are solved in the course of a minute episode. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about college life.

What challenges do college students face?

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How do they learn to prioritize their goals and their time? How does college help prepare you for the real world? Families also can talk about race. Why is race such a touchy subject in America?

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How does this show highlight the similarities among different races?A spin-off of The Cosby Show, A Different World made college life a reality to many. The series depicted real Black college life including fraternities and sororities and was one of the first shows to discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

A Different World premiered on NBC on September 24, , as a showcase for The Cosby Show’s most popular daughter, Denise (Lisa Bonet). The show followed her day-to-day life at Hillman College. Dwayne and Whitley decide to rent a cabin in the mountains for a second honeymoon.

They cannot afford the trip on their own, and Mr. and Mrs.

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Gaines are the only couple willing to join them. Mr. Watch video · A Different World is the latest binge-watching bait to join Hulu Plus and Netflix -- and it is very much worth your time, especially now that The Cosby Show has probably been completely ruined for.

Sep 24,  · This was not just one of the few shows that depicted college life, It was the only show that showed life at a Black College.

A different world

From exam craziness, relationships, and finding part-time jobs to interracial dating, Step shows, and hate crimes, This show handled it all and with style/10(K). Welcome to the A Different World Wiki, which is dedicated to the popular NBC-TV sitcom series A Different World, the spinoff of the popular sitcom series The Cosby Show, that aired for six seasons and ran for episodes, on .

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