Anti-work essays

The Abolition of Work No one should ever work.

Anti-work essays

This is the speech slightly edited for publication that I gave throughout the second half of my book tour. Work — The constrained performance of some skill cognitive, emotional, physical etc. Constraint -Specifically Anti-work essays mean economic, cultural and social constraints and not necessarily physical restraint.

The state-capitalist society we live under has artificially limited our abilities to engage with the means of production through arbitrary licensing lawszoning lawscapital requirementscentralized banks, cultural biases towards capitalist patterns of ownership and so on.

These barriers to entry combine to make it harder than it might be otherwise to be self-employed and work in Anti-work essays. These ways of associating with work while not abolishing work immediately may at least give us a chance of bettering our conditions in the short run.

Substituting your own ends — This is where my individualism comes into play. This is, again, why things like worker cooperatives and self-employment may be attractive alternatives. Background context for definition: The philosopher John Danaher on his Philosophical Disquisitions blog was a big inspiration for this definition.

He defined work in a more value-neutral sense which excluded my individualist critique as well as my commentary on how state-capitalism interacts with work.

I also got some inspiration from Bob Black and his infamous essay The Abolition of Work where Black describes work more in terms of constrain on our abilities.

I would define play as the voluntary attempt to engage in recreation for the primary purpose of pleasure. None of this is remotely true given that fact that parents play with their children all of the time and tend to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow alongside their children, even if the games might not take the sort of cognitive skills they personally need to develop.

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There are many different sports leagues for adults, board game nights and recreational activities that adults engage in that can help stimulate their brains. These are outcomes or changes in the world that are intelligible apart from the game itself.

These are the rules that determine how the prelusory goal is to be attained. According to Suits, these rules set up artificial obstacles that prevent the players from achieving the prelusory goal in the most straightforward and efficient manner.

This is the psychological orientation of the game players to the game itself. In order for a game to work, the players have to accept the constraints imposed by the constitutive rules.

This has individualist issues for if the individual has no control over a mainstay in their life then how much can they be said to truly control their lives? Anarchism Anarchism is an oft misunderstood philosophy but in its simplest form anarchism is best understood as a political philosophy that eschews the need for rulers in a just society.

Rulers may not even need physical violence to be objectionable to anarchists either. While perhaps not technically unjust in some sense because there is no violence in this system or violation of folks possessions or rights, we might still think of this chieftain as a ruler of some sort due to their cultural context and how they manage to stay in power i.

Some notable strands of thought include anarchist communism, anarchist syndicalism, individualist anarchism, mutualism and green anarchism. By and large anti-work philosophy has related to anarchism and vice versa through the post-left anarchist thinkers such as Bob Black but there are also other strands you can look at.

Examples range from proto-individualist anarchist thinkers like Henry David Thoreau and contemporary anarchists like David Graeber and Apio Ludd. Bertrand RussellWilliam Morris and Paul LaFargue a lot of what they say has either much in common or much to add to an anarchist discussion of work.

Too often anarchist communists in particular seem to focus more of their time criticizing wages and wage labor than the labor itself. I think this is a possible outcome even without abolishing wages on the whole.

Generally, anarchism is how I think needs would be met and goods would be allocated in a post-work world. As time has gone on it seems obvious that machines are part of the driving force that are going to replace humans so that they have to do less and less work.

For one thing, when capitalists and the state control the means of production or at least compared to how much everyone else does then technology tends to be geared towards top-down methods of change.

In a society where workers are able to build technology from the bottom up i. Currently we have a larger economic context in which folks are left to fend on their own or depend heavily on state welfare to get by. Ideally this is to create a more flexible economy and environment for citizens so they can more easily pursue their own dreams instead of the ones they have to pursue because, for example, they really need money for the rent, etc.

As I said though, I tend to be pessimistic about this and most efforts of reforming the state.

Anti-Work Essays on Free Audio Download

But I think we have a much better chance of affecting change working outside of accepted conventions than working within them. I certainly think that the UBI, et. Under many of the proposed workings a UBI system would be designed to be far less bureaucratic than the current welfare system.

But the mechanisms from which UBI supporters want to accomplish this seem at least in the US fairly unlikely.These essays investigate concepts of freedom, compulsory labor, the 'work ethic', the wages system, employment, and 'occupations.' People Who Liked Anti-Work Essays Also Liked These Free Titles: Human Development Across the Lifespan in a Social Context.

Anti-work essays

"The Abolition of Work" is an essay written by Bob Black in It was part of Black's first book, an anthology of essays entitled The Abolition of Work and Other Essays published by Loompanics Unlimited.

[1]. Refusal of work in practice "Slackers" [ edit ] The term slacker is commonly used to refer to a person who avoids work (especially British English), or (primarily in North American English) an educated person who is viewed as an underachiever.

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For instance, you could be anti-school, anti-social, anti-violence, anti-family etc, etc. Audio Anarchy Anti-Work Essays. by Texts from various authors read by Moxie Marlinspike. Publication date Topics anarchy, anarchism, work, anti-work. Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle Add Review.


Anti-work essays

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