Basketball shooting essay

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Basketball shooting essay

The actual release of all shots depends upon the proper finger and wrist control of the ball.

The arc given to the flight of the ball depends upon individual preferences; however, most players are comfortable with a medium arc. Other players use a flat shot that looks as if is could barely clear the rim and enter the basket.

Lowering the arc enables players to extend their range without increasing the force applied to the shot. That not everyone turns out to be a good basketball shooter or high scorer may be primarily the result of his failure to understand the elements involved in basketball shooting proficiency and, of course, the time spent practicing basketball shooting.

We have identified nine elements of basketball shooting accuracy. In most cases, good basketball shooters are the product of long hours on the basketball court practicing their shooting. The triple-threat position refers to a low, balanced stance from which the ballhandler may either shoot, drive, or pass the ball.

However, it may seem incongruous to have the shooter lower his center of gravity prior to taking the shot because he has to get the ball over his defender, two factors make this move necessary.

The triple-threat position is just that, a stance from which the ballhandler may attack the defense in any of three ways. In addition, integral to any positioning before you take a shot is the action of squaring yourself to the basket, or turning your body so that your shoulders and torso are facing the basket.

In their haste to get a basketball shot away before it is blocked, players sometimes will receive a pass or catch the ball off the dribble while facing perpendicular to the basket and shoot without ever having squared themselves to the basket — for example, inexperienced players Basketball shooting essay the wing positions on zone offenses.

Players should turn to the basket whenever they catch a pass or pick up their dribble. They may have to protect the ball as they turn to face the basket, but they still need to turn. Basketball Shooters Grip Fundamentals of Basketball Shooting Proper grip is also fundamental to basketball shooting success.

The basic grip varies slightly from player to player, but certain common traits may be identified; the hands close together on the ball, fingers and thumb of the shooting hand spread, the shooting hand under not behind the ball, and the ball resting on the pads of the fingers and hand, not in the palm of the hand.

A one-hand shot is just that, a shot taken with one hand providing most of the force and direction. The shooting hand should be under the ball, with the other hand on the side of the ball to stabilize the grip. The fingers of the basketball shooting hand should be spread almost to maximum.

To discover whether the spread is adequate, check the amount of daylight that can be seen between the ball and the shooting thumb and index finger.

If more than one-half inch of daylight is showing, the shooter is placing the ball on a pedestal formed by his thumb and fingers. At the same time, no part of the palm of the basketball shooting hand should be touching the ball except the pads nearest the fingers and the fingertips, of course.

Basketball Shooting | Essay Example

When a player overshoots the basket consistently, he is using too much arm particularly forearm action and too little wrist action in his shot. The player should move his shooting hand farther under the ball in his basic grip and then use his wrists more and his arms less in releasing the ball.

When a player gets his hand under the ball, the shot may be made more softly and with less force than when he catapults the ball toward the basket with his arms along. Good basketball shooting requires finesse, not brute force.

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As player is unlikely to apply the kind of finesse needed in shooting a basketball through arm action alone. The ball should rest on the pads of the fingers, thumb, and callused parts of the palm of the shooting hand.

If the shooting elbow is extended to the side, the shooting hand will not be under the ball, and the shooter will thus shoot with either side spin or no spin at all, both of which provide less control than back spin. Timing of the Basketball Shot Basketball Shooting Mechanics Since timing for the jump shot will be discussed later, we will confine our discussion of timing at this point to the release of the ball as the arms reach full extension.

Premature release of the ball will result in a jerky shot in addition to a shot that is easier to block. A high release not only makes a shot more difficult to block but also facilitates the wrist flex that imparts back spin to the ball. Using a high release does not necessarily mean that the shot will follow a high arcing path to the basket.

It is possible to shoot with relatively low trajectory while using a high release, since high release refers to keeping the ball in the shooting hand until the arms are fully extended. In addition, whether practicing shooting in games or in practice, he must be able to concentrate on his shot if he is to be a consistently good basketball shooter.

In each case, the culprit is easily identifiable: Although it is impossible to concentrate percent in a ball game, that should be the goal each player sets for himself. First, the truly outstanding offensive basketball player will develop basketball moves to free him from tight defensive pressure.

Second, through basketball practice under competitive conditions, he knows which basketball shots to take and which to pass up.How to shoot a basketball essaysThe Right Way to Shoot a Basketball When you play in any level of basketball such as youth, high school, collage, or professional, shooting is a key element of the game.

With out a good shot you can't score points, and you'll likely sit . The University of Arkansas (U of A, UARK, or UA) is a public land-grant, research university in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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Shooting the basketball is an important part of the sport since it is how you score, and to be a good player it is imperative to learn how to shoot properly and with good form. Learning to shoot correctly will elevate your game tremendously.

Basketball shooting essay

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