Editorial writing activity for preschool

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Editorial writing activity for preschool

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I struggled through that first year of advising, letting the students with experience take the lead in most of our classroom operations. It was a major growing year for me, though, and I learned a lot which I later applied to subsequent years of advising that same yearbook staff.

I got a lot of help from some very talented students, a former yearbook adviser who acted as my mentor, and an awesome representative from our publishing company. So now, I pass all of that wisdom along to you.

Here are the basics of yearbook caption-writing. Every caption needs to start with a lead-in phrase.

Set off your lead-in from the rest of your caption by putting it in bold, italics, or both. After the lead-in, your caption needs to have one present-tense sentence describing the action in the photo. Every subsequent sentence in your caption should be in past-tense.

The reason for this is that the action in the photo has already become a thing of the past once your readers get their yearbook. You write about that action in the proper tense to maintain consistency. Every caption should do a few key things: Now you know what a caption looks like.

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You know the basic steps involved in creating a quality caption for your yearbook readers. You have also had time to look at the sample photo on page 1: Start with the lead-in, move on to one present-tense sentence, and round it out with a few past-tense sentences.

Identify the people in the photo and go beyond the obvious action in the photo to relate a larger story. Using the sample photo from the beginning of the article and the tips on page 1, I wrote a sample caption: In a hands-on learning experience, preschool student Jillian Cook and Child Development Sophomore student Jane Smith explore the local fire engine.

Cook and the rest of her classmates got to try on firefighter uniforms, hear the sirens, and discuss plans for evacuating their houses in case of an emergency. Jill Hill and her Child Development students. Notice that it took some time to write one full caption.

Captions are mini-stories in and of themselves, and they should always be carefully crafted. When your readers flip to a yearbook page, their eyes will be drawn to the photos before anything else.

If your captions are interesting enough, they will continue to the rest of the page and read your copy and sidebar information as well.

If your captions are boring, however, they will continue to flip to other pages in the book.

editorial writing activity for preschool

Teaching Caption Writing When you teach caption writing, you need to make sure that your students understand all of the information described in the "Caption Writing " section of this article. So I would always start by giving them notes over this information and having them put those notes away to use as a reference later.

So everyone needs to learn every skill, even if they only practice certain skills regularly. Here are a few suggestions for how to do that: My yearbook classroom always became a storage unit for old yearbook junk.

Some of it I threw away without remorse, but I kept a few other things in case we ever needed them or because I felt too guilty to throw away school history.

Filed under that second category was a photo archive I make it sound fancy — truly, it was a series of boxes full of photos that had been used in past yearbooks and returned by the publisher once the yearbook was completed.

Now, most yearbooks are done completely digitally, so photos are scanned or taken digitally and uploaded online.ideas about content information they are studying.

Students learn to respond to writing prompts that require the m to think about various points of views. It helps students use important writing skills such as organization, main idea and audience. Give your child a boost using our free, printable Kindergarten writing worksheets.

It combines a balance of a balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and helps students develop their higher-order thinking, their ability and ultimately, their self-esteem. Includes continuous assessment and text-taking preparation, plus phonics-based language development at every level.

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Image 10 Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers to help them build strength in their hands.

Teaching Yearbook: Caption Writing Basics

Teaching Mama. playing, creating, and learning at home So today, I’m sharing 10 pre-writing activities we’ve been doing at home to build strength in my preschooler’s hands.


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