Lies of silence by brian moore

Didn't honestly care what happened at the end, and I was right- since the end was terrible.

Lies of silence by brian moore

We also learn that there is an orange order breakfast function being held by Rev. He is worried over something to do with this girl.

Michael also passes five guards in combat gear enter a shop. He refers to it as a familiar sight. There is tension between them and we also learn that there is a big age gap. We also learn that she works for the BBC and that Michael is the hotel manager.

Michael is worried Andrea is going to end their relationship. We also find out that Michael is married to a girl called Moria and is planning to divorce her. Michael plans to tell his wife about his plans the next day.

He plans to meet Andrea the next evening for dinner. On his way home Michael talks of the troubles between the Protestant and Catholic people in the area. Michael also talks of how physically attracted to Moria he was from the moment he saw her and how she always wanted to live in Belfast.

They met in London. Michael dreams of the Argument he is going to have with his father when he learns of the oncoming divorce. Moria calls out to Michael and he goes into the sitting room to her.

Lies of silence by brian moore

Michael offers to drive Peg home and tells us how Peg does not like him. Michael tells Moria not to wait up as it will be late when he is back and he has some things to do.

He has the idea that Moria will not care anymore what he thinks when they finish tomorrow. Michael picks up the other receiver and hears Peg telling Moria to act surprised when Michael tells her it is ok to take the shop job. Michael ponders a bit more on her problem and what he has learned of it including bulimics can be suicidal.

He looks at his books and thinks that he needs to take them with him to show Moria that he will be really gone.

He then returns to searching his drawer and finds a selection of poems that he had published in his student days. Michael is goes to bed and Moria begins to ask him questions and begins to start an argument over the shop job. Moria tells Michael that he no longer loves her but Michael says he does not hate her.

Moria thinks that she is ugly. Moria is crying and Michael tells her they will talk about it in the morning. Moria suggests that Michael wants to leave. Moria tells Michael that she loves him and Michael gives her a kiss, what he calls a traitors kiss.

What references are there of troubles in Belfast between the two religions?

Describe the kind of person that you think Moria is from the evidence you have so far.Lies of Silence Brian Moore Chapter 2 4 IRA men break into their house Moira is brave-> attempt to flee out of the window, but it doesn´t work Michael gets some interesting information Chapter 1 Michael Dillon meets Andrea (his affair) and promises her to leave his wife at home: Moira is in bad mood Michael doesn´t want to hurt her -> he doesn´t tell 3.

Brian Moore (–) was born in Ireland and lived most of his adult life in Canada and the United States. He was the author of many novels, including The Colour of Blood, Lies of Silence, and The Doctor’s Wife —all shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize—as well as Catholics, The Statement, I Am Mary Dunne, and The Magician’s Wif e/5(3).

Lies of Silence is very much a book of its time. In the "Troubles" in Ireland were very much part of daily life and daily news. Brian Moore's central theme revolves around personal conscience, personal dilemma, personal conflicting interests; this is a universal quandary which can be applied to many of us, in a variety of circumstances/5.

The novel Lies of Silence by Brian Moore was published in and is set during a period known as "The Troubles," a period of intense civil unrest in Northern Ireland marked by conflicts between.

Brian Moore has constructed an intriguing novel of contrasts in "Lies of Silence" playing off small personal betrayals against larger political ones set in the Troubles in Northern Ireland/5(28). Apr 22,  · BOOK REPORT LIES OF SILENCE by Brian Moore The acclaimed author Brian Moore was born in Belfast in , and has won many literary awards.

Lies of Silence almost won the Booker prize in Lies of Silence is mostly set in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The plot could have found place at .

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