Mgmt 303 week 6

TCO 1 Rajiv just completed a project in which he restructured sales territories, met with sales representatives to help them set goals, scheduled motivational meetings, and started a program of quarterly performance review for the sales force. His goals are to reduce waste and provide improved customer service.

Mgmt 303 week 6

TCO 1 Which of the following is an example of an organization? TCO 2 The process of actively monitoring the environment through activities such as reading and observation is called 3. TCO 6 The overall purpose of a business plan is to 7.

TCO 9 The communication process is TCO 10 Income statements, balance sheets, and audits are examples of the control of 1. Compare and contrast any two components that make up the general environment 2.

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What is the reason the law was enacted? TCO 7 Compare and contrast the mechanistic and organic organizations 4. TCO 8 Briefly explain one performance appraisal method.

Explain an error that can occur in the performance appraisal process and one way to effectively deal with such an error 5. TCO 9 Briefly explain two ways in which communication effectiveness can be improved 6.

TCO 10 What are the different levels of control? What are the relationships between the different levels? TCO 2 According to the textbook, what are some of the characteristics of the new workplace? TCO 2 Organizations have both an internal and an external environment. Describe the general environment and give at least one specific example of each dimension, other than the examples given in the text and in the lectures 2.

TCO 8 You are a manager of a Consulting firm, with 25 employees under your supervision.

MGMT 303 Week 6 Case Study

Employee Motivation appears to be slipping as well as employee performance. Employees seem to have a negative attitude about their work which has led to some turnover of employees and an increase in absenteeism.

You have been asked to provide upper management with recommendations of how to improve motivation of the employees. Please create a motivation plan and list the main motivational theories you are applying in this plan.

You should come up with a minimum of 3 ideas on how to improve motivation 3. You are running two shifts, a day shift and an evening shift. Before the day shift leaves each day, the workers must get an adequate supply of raw materials from the warehouse for the evening shift to use.

Mgmt 303 week 6

On several occasions, they have failed to do so. By the time the evening shift gets to work, the warehouse is locked up, and it takes about three hours to get someone out to unlock it and get the production line rolling again.

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What is the basic problem causing this conflict? What could you do to solve it? Briefly put, the plan states the desired outcome or goal and the process for achieving it.

Control is the regulation of organizational activities and processes in such a way as to facilitate goal attainment. Assume that you are a manager of a business. State the type of business you are managing it can be any business you choose. Give two examples of controls that you would implement in the business and how they could facilitate goal attainment.MGMT DeVry Week 6 Quiz Latest MGMT MGMT DeVry Week 6 Quiz Latest MGMT DeVry Week 6 Quiz Latest MGMT DeVry Week 6 Quiz Latest.

Start studying MGMT Week 9 (PPT). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. MGMT Week 6 Case Study Case Study This week, you will be playing the role of a senior manager whose business is growing and is considering bringing on additional staff.

Apr 07,  · MGMT Week 4 Midterm (TCO 1) In the National Football League, the promotional ads are a(n) _____ resource.

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WEEK 6 MGMT docx DeVry University, Chicago MGMT MGMT Week 6 Discussion 1 Review the case study on pages – Answer the three questions at the [ ].

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