Superheroes big write and erase

In terms of strength, the Hulk is truly a green beast. With a height of almost 8 feet tall and weighing in at close to 1, pounds, he is not a superhero one wants to fight in close quarters with.

Superheroes big write and erase

In 's "Secret Wars," he forced several heroes and villains to fight each other on the original Battleworld. In 's "Secret Wars II," he traveled to Earth to become enlightened and learn about mortality, causing trouble along the way.

After a brief confrontation, he killed Cannonball, Wolfsbane and the rest of the team before wiping them from existence.

Later that month, the New Mutants were revived as the Beyonder's mindless servants in "Secret Wars II" 9, where they impressively held their own against the rest of Marvel's heroes.

Even though they weren't gone for long, this event left major psychological scars on the team. Created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane in 's "The Atom" 3, David Clinton eventually developed a time superheroes big write and erase and later gained the superpower to travel through time himself.

After his powers became unstable, he effectively died, and his time-travel research was passed on to Walker Gabriel. Gabriel started out as a thief, like the first Chronos, before becoming a more heroic character. Near the end of that series, Chronos erased himself from existence in order to save his mother's life.

By staying in Chronopolis, a city outside of time, he managed to stay alive for a few more adventures, but he was seemingly killed by the time-traveling villain Per Degaton in Most recently, he was seen in Limbo during 's "Final Crisis. In that Image Comics series, she was an angelic bounty hunter who became a fairly major figure in Spawn's world.

After a lengthy legal rights battle, Gaiman was given sole ownership of Angela and sold the character to Marvel Comics. Angela officially joined the Marvel Universe at the end of 's "Age of Ultron" event and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy shortly after.

In 's secret-revealing storyline "Original Sin," it was revealed that she was Aldrif, the previously unseen and unmentioned sister of Thor and Loki.

Although Odin exiled the Tenth Realm from the rest of the multiverse, Heven's forgotten angels took in the infant Angela and raised her as their own.

After these revelations were brought to light, Angela was cut off from the Tenth Realm and briefly took Hela's place as the Asgardian death goddess.

After being erased from existence on the team's first mission, "Zero Hour" brought him back into the timestream. While his arrogance annoyed DC's other heroes, he joined the Justice League Task Force and starred in his own miniseries. While he was reinserted into the timeline, his adventures with the Task Force were erased, and his teammates seemingly forgot him once again.

After being tricked into attacking the League, he was turned into an ice sculpture and put in storage, where he was later killed unceremoniously. InTriumph's son, Jonathan, went on a rampage after being driven mad by his father's ever-changing history. While 's "Giant-Size X-Men" 1 showed that successful mission, they weren't Xavier's first choice for a new team.

Deadly Genesis" revealed, there was another X-squad made up of Moira Dr. Although Xavier made Cyclops forget about his brother Vulcan and the rest of the team, Darwin and Vulcan survived and resurfaced years later, while Vulcan fought the X-Men before taking over the alien Shi'Ar Empire.

First Class," where he was played by Edi Gathegi. As heroes like Batman and Catwoman married and had kids like Helena Wayne, the Huntress, their continuing adventures were chronicled in titles throughout the s and s.

InDC tried to simplify its continuity by combing its characters into one main universe with the reality-shattering epic "Crisis on Infinite Earths," by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

superheroes big write and erase

Although the series "52" established a new multiverse and a new Earth-Two, this world was only a copy of the original Earth-Two. Another Earth-Two was created after 's New 52 reboot, but this world bore little resemblance to the one lost in "Crisis.

JLA: Chronos Plans to Erase Superheroes from the DC Universe

Created by Elliot S. After his reality was erased from existence in 's "Crisis," he watched the main DC Universe evolve from the paradise dimension, where he was forgotten and unseen.

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JLA: Chronos Plans to Erase Superheroes from the DC Universe