The assembly line essay

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The assembly line essay

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The article also shows the difference in the expectations of the students and how their expectations differ sharply with the reality of the professional world.

Another issue of great importance, and which takes the focus of the author is the importance of education in the modern society; this is because the author tells of the advice that a fellow worker gives to him on how the low levels of education affect professionalism of a person.

In the article, much focus put on the importance of education and the challenges that people with low levels of education go through, the article, therefore, aims at implore the students to take their studies serious as the author gives a personal encounter with the blue collar profession.

It, therefore, serves as a call for the students to re-evaluate the efforts that they put in education. The firm claim that the author offers is because of the evidence and the personal experience that the author provides.

In this regard, he relates a persona experience in the blue-collar job sector; the author relates the long hours of work, the dangers to which he is exposed in the process of work and The assembly line essay low wages he gets from the factory.

The personal experience of the writer helps in convincing the audience about the view of the author.

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The thesis, therefore, relies upon the facts as the author highlights the daily experience in the blue-collar profession. Use of Evidence The author uses logical and sound evidence to support his claim, and this is evident in the duration that people spend at their places of work. Students have a lot of free time that they waste, and this is evident in the short duration of the lectures.

When the long durations of work are related to the short durations of lecture, there is bound to be realized distress in the lives of a person.

The long working hours, therefore, show the challenges that the students are likely to face when they job the blue collar profession.

The other evidence that the author provides in the process of advocating for education and especially higher education is that there is no job security in the blue collar jobs and this is in addition to the challenge of acquiring such jobs. Issues like downsizing and overseas relocation had always seemed distant to me until my co-workers at one factory told me that the unit I was working in would be shut down within six months and moved to Mexico, where people would work for 60 cents an hour.

The use a contemplative tone to study the challenges at the workplace, think about himself after college and reflect on the whole issue of education and the impact that it has on the lives of the students after they leave college. The tone is authoritative as it helps in advising the students authoritatively to improve on their efforts that they put on education.

Additionally, the author also employs a didactic as he seeks to educate the reader on the education and offers advice to the reader. Finally, the matter-of-fact tone employed is also evident in the manner in which the author accepts the conditions at the place of work and without being fanciful or emotional.

The author does not regret about the challenges he gets exposed to or does not boast about the leisurely life he experiences in college. However, he appreciates every situation to which he is exposed and takes due diligence on the lessons life offers him from the different life conditions.

Organization of Essay Finally, the organization of the article helps in providing support for the claim of the author about showing the importance of education. The author starts by highlighting the challenging situation of the blue-collar job; the author makes a vivid description of the job environment and the condition of work in the blue collar professions.

Such as description serves to make the reader focus on the challenges of factory work and appeals to the reader to seek ways of avoiding the blue-collar jobs, and this is through education.

In this manner, the author first shows the challenges of the blue collar jobs and later explains the role education and states his opportunity to make his life better by putting more effort in education. The organization helps in making the reader to make a personal reflection about their lives and make the right decision regarding education.

The organization helps to understand the evidence of the author through the telling of the daily job activities in the factory. By acknowledging the challenges of the blue-collar jobs, the small wages that people earn in such professions and the long durations of work, the students get an awakening to relook into their efforts on education.

Students need to appreciate the role of their parents in taking them to because earning money is a challenging task going by the current poor economic performance; they also need to spend money wisely and avoid wastages. Going by the poor economic performance and the high rate of unemployment, stakeholders in the education sector need to equip the student with skills that would help them to be job creators and not job seekers.

Such a decision would aid in the promoting economic growth and assist in building stable economies. Need a paper on the same topic?Ford wrote that the assembly line should be based on three basic principles.

1) The planned, orderly, and continuous progression of the commodity through the shop.

The assembly line essay

2) The delivery of work instead of leaving it to the workman’s initiative to find it. Essay on Assembly Line and Line Workers JIELIANG PHONE HOME CASE STUDY PROBLEM STATEMENT Jieliang (DL) is a line worker at Precision Electro-Tech’s Dongguan, China manufacturing plant.

During a plant walk through, Marty Cole (OEM – Global Team) witnessed Jieliang being publicly disciplined in front of her fellow line workers for not following Total Quality Control (TQC) procedures .

- Assembly line: Dawn of a new age of manufacturing A motor car for the great multitude a goal for Henry Ford(Schlager ). In the s, automobiles are rapidly changing the American lifestyle forever because of their affordability and also the development of new assembly technology to lower the cost.

District Assembly for Rotary Year April 21, Purpose of the District Assembly. To prepare incoming club leaders for their .

The assembly line essay

Flint, Michigan has never recovered from the loss of General Motors and now grapples with widespread poverty and crime. The article, ‘Lessons Learnt from The Assembly Line’ by Andrew Braaksma, highlights the challenges that blue collar workers get in the course of their daily duties.

The article also shows the difference in the expectations of the students and how their expectations differ sharply with the reality of .

The assembly line essay