Writing a biography for 4th graders

I Am the Ice Worm by: In both stories, a teenage character is stranded in the wilderness following a plane crash. In I Am the Ice Worm, year-old Allison is rescued from the Alaskan wild by an Inupiat trapper, who takes her to his village to stay until she can be reunited with her mother.

Writing a biography for 4th graders

It's In The Bag I've got my evaluation coming up this week. I've spent the last week sprucing up my bulletin boards and posting new student work.

My Word Wall makeover was just the start.

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I'm very excited about my "It's In The Bag" bulletin board. I wasn't sure the student projects would work as a bulletin board display - I was planning to display the projects on a table - but it worked Normally, I would just read the first book of a series, knowing I'd spark enough interest for at least a few students to continue the series independently.

Not this year, though. I have a boy in my class who has Aspergers and can be quite difficult to engage. He has sat, entranced with the novels, from the day I started the first book.

Although he can't read indendently at this level, he is definitely comprehending the material at a very deep level, and his insights often WOW me! How could I not finish the series??? I use my oral reading sessions to spark deep conversations about the novel, and I model aloud the reading strategies I use.

The only thing I require from my students during our reading of the novel is participation in our discussions. This has never been a problem. At the end of each oral novel, I do have a summative task. These tasks are varied. We've had comprehension quizzes, book talks, made comic strips, written reading responses, etc.

For our last novel our fifth in the seriesthe students completed my Paper Bag Character Study. For this assignment, students were given a plain paper bag. On the front of the bag they had to draw an illustration of the main character.


On one of the side panels they had to write about the character's likes and dislikes, and on the other side panel they had to write about how the character interacts with other characters in the novel. On the back panel the students had to write about how the character changed throughout the novel, and what events were responsible for the changes the character made.

Our current reading focus is inferring, so this assignment fit perfectly. My favourite part of the assignment was what was "in the bag". Students had to put 10 objects in their bags that represented or reminded them of the main character. On the day the assignments were due, students orally presented the 10 objects they chose.

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I was amazed by some of their choices. One student pulled a box from her bag, stating it represented the symbolic box the character had previously been trapped in. Another student included a poppy to symbolize the courage and bravery the character displayed.

Yet another student my student with Aspergers pulled a book about Hitler from his bag, telling the students the autocratic regime in the book reminded him of Hitler and his control of Germany during WWII.

Did I mention his insights often WOW me?!As a novelist I spend my days tasting the insides of words, breathing life into sentences that swim away under their own power, stringing together cables of poetry to hold up a narrative arc.

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Colorado Public Radio (CPR) produces and curates in-depth and meaningful news and music, establishing thoughtful connections to Colorado for listeners seeking to be informed, enlightened and. In a biography of Abraham Lincoln, your child might write one paragraph about Lincoln's childhood and another about his time as president.

Each body paragraph should contain a topic sentence, support sentences, and a transition sentence.

writing a biography for 4th graders

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