Writing a school report card

The purpose of a report card is not only to enlighten the parent and student about the student's progress in school. Report cards can also show parents where room for improvement lies, as long as the report card keeps a positive spin even during negative situations. In order to be most effective when it comes to writing report card comments down for these young students, teachers should make use of the most useful and effective words and phrases in order to better drive their points across.

Writing a school report card

Grades PreK—K, 1—2, 3—5, 6—8, 9—12 Feeling clueless about writing report cards? Get the Support You Need. A first step is finding out if there is a paid mentor in school to help you. Check out models of report cards written by other teachers in a similar grade or content area.

Teachers tend to get scant input from the school about how tough or easy to be. As a result, grading standards often vary widely.

Are you grading effort or ability?

Writing a school report card

Then decide what tools you will use to make your evaluations, such as portfolioschecklists, inventories, student self-assessments, anecdotal observations, and test results. Says Bautista, "Kids need you; parents need you. As a result, we assess on the spot, constantly. Some of the samples are going to be their best work, highlights.

Other samples are their day in, day out stuff. A fourth file is for her eyes only and might contain sensitive remarks or notes to parents. Bautista also uses a notebook to collect her daily observations, one for each content area.

Students are listed with enough space next to their names for comments, such as this one she made about a student: I step back and look. I look, and it all comes together.

I get a picture of that child. Choose Your Words Carefully. For many teachers, the most important part of report cards is writing the narrative comments. Some report card formats leave ample room for written comments.

Others offer almost no room at all. Her sight-word vocabulary has expanded dramatically. We are working on using context to figure out unknown words. Thanks for exposing her to literature at home. Select words that soften the blow and offer parents useful strategies for improvement so they can help address the problem.

Always include at least one positive comment about the student and end the report card on an upbeat note. I spend hours choosing the right words so that the criticism is purposeful and constructive.

My goal is to address the issue and have solutions or strategies for ways to improve the situation. Experienced teachers are emphatic about not waiting for report-card time to deliver any bad news.

Parent-teacher conferences can help greatly. Rosenberg sends home progress reports every three weeks, and finds parents appreciate this line of parent-teacher communication.

When a classroom crisis arises, Wilkes calls the parents right away. That way the principal can be prepared or can offer support if a parent calls to complain. You never know when a parent will respond negatively to a grade or a comment. It was about the whole quarter, right there.

They apologized [for their outburst], and agreed to work with their son.The Washington State School Report Card provides parents, educators, policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders in Washington .

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Tips for writing positive report card comments that give parents and future teachers an accurate picture of each student.

Report Card Comments to Use Now By Genia Connell. Grades PreK–K arrives at school each day with a smile, ready to learn.

Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction. In writing report card comments for elementary school students, the words and phrases that are used can have a significant impact on the child, and on the family.

School Report Card Websites: NC School Report Cards Analytic site for deep data NOTE: Data on the sites above is limited to the school year through the school year. Archived report cards () can be found here. I've used a lot of writing products for our children, and for high school, this seems to work very well, especially to get them to THINK about their writing, ORGANIZE (he is big on the 5 paragraph essay) and churn it out in a timely manner.

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